Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Product Review: Poach Pods

A relative recently got these for me as a gift, knowing I absolutely love poached eggs. I've tried many methods to poach eggs, and though it does come close, they are not perfect. Well, if you are like me, the quest has ended.

Go out and get the Poach Pod. And have yourself perfectly poached eggs every time.

Its simple. Break an egg carefully into the poach pod. Fill a pot with a couple inches of water and allow the pod to float in the water. Cover and cook for 4-6 minutes, depending on how well you'd like your eggs cooked.

Poach Pods can also be used in the oven for baking and molding a muffins/ cakes. Lots of details and information on their website.


gocbep said...

They are so cute. I love the color.

Sujatha said...

Those are cutely shaped ones.. sounds perfect for muffins too..

Dragon said...

I saw these the other day at the kitchen shop. Happy to know they work for you. I love the colours.

Ranjani said...

How handy dandy and cute!
I'm such a product junkie, this would be perfect:)

Nidhi said...

Very cute!
I happened to visit Currimbhoys last weekend. Did find some really useful stuff there. Thanks!

DK said...

what - No siri in the comment section!!! I am flabbergasted - that girl will probably buy and ship it to herself now that she can with no worries ;-)

And girl - why r there no replies to my mails ? I sent u two....madam will only communicate thro comments is it? Romba pannennu vetchikko - oru phone pottu nimithupuduven unnai!!!!!!!!

hehehheh - jus saw some tamil show in utube - so konjam influence :) :)

Sia said...

i have seen my fried using big katori for making poached eggs but i guess i can surprise her with these colouful ones:)

Arundathi said...

I would recommend anyone who likes poached eggs to buy some.

DK - :) hope you got my email!

Nidhi - glad you liked the store - in Chennai, they are a lifesaver sometimes.

Ranjani - I'm such a product junkie too!

Bharti said...

Cool! I'll look out for these when I'm shopping next time.

Srivalli said...

hey anu..those look so wonderful!..and LOL at dhivi's where is siri!

Sunshinemom said...

Cute! Thanks for the info - I did not know about these!

Swati Raman Garg said...

one cute one haan... u know i get home all that i see new.... i will look for these... where do i find them

Damien BIddulph's Blog! said...

thanks for the googleability

Managed to find your instructions on how to actually use them!

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.........

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