Monday, July 21, 2008

Papaya Guacamole

I know this is a really tiny recipe from Meeta's beautiful blog, What's for Lunch, Honey? but when Zlamushka announced that it was Meeta's blog being featured in the Tried & Tasted event, I couldn't wait any longer. This guacamole is one of the very first recipes I bookmarked when I started to blog hop. Its simple and delicious, and very healthy!

I made small changes, but it still tasted fabulous!

Papaya Guacamole
(original recipe here)

1 1/2 cups Papaya, cubed and slightly mashed with a fork
1/2 tsp Mustard (I used French Mustard)
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Pepper
1 Red Chilli, minced
1 tbsp Cilantro, chopped

Mix all the above ingredients together. I served it with wholewheat crackers. It was delicious. We ended up eating the guacamole on its own long after the crackers were over! Thanks, Meeta - this recipe is a keeper.


Ranjani said...

YAAY! You're back!!!
Interesting recipe- so was the guacamole slightly sweet?

Sig said...

Papaya guac, wow, I remember seeing this on Meeta's too...
Were you on a break?

Arundathi said...

Hi Ranjani - :) Glad to be back! Yes, the guac was slightly sweet and spicy. Very good! Can't wait to see all the new goodies you've cooked up!

Sig - Yes, it was delicious! And yeah I was on a break for a short bit! :D

zlamushka said...

papaya, wow. I wish it wasnt so difficult to get here, I would make this one right away. Thanks for participating this month as well, Arundathi :-)

Trupti said...

papaya guacamole looks very delicious. this recipe in new to me thanks for sharing this recipe.

Lisa said...

I think this is a great choice for Zlamushka's event. Meeta's recipes are all wonderful. You just can't wrong, no matter how simple or complex.

Pecos Blue said...

Wow weee looks yummy

Jude said...

Interesting concept. I'd personally rather have papaya fresh but this is really interesting and worth trying.

Arundathi said...

Zlamushka - You're welcome - I love the event. Thanks!

Trupti - Sure, you're welcome

Lisa - You're so right - all her recipes are so wonderful!

Pecos Blue - :D

Jude - Well, its more like a spiced fresh papaya - so its lovely and tangy!

Sunshinemom said...

I think I should take a cue from you, and look for the simplest one from Meeta's! I am still converting my pick to vegan:) I am still wary of mustard - have never tasted mustard in anything except as kadugu:) Dish looks dishy:)

Indranee said...

Hi Arundhati, this looks quite a tasty recipe. Besides crackers, what else can you eat it with?

Shreya said...

what a wonderful recipe. the dish looks great! nice to serve with crackers...:-)

Medhaa said...

HI Arundati, never heard of this before and am not a big fan of papaya. maybe will like it in this form.

I was just going to let you know I have posted the aloo took recipe, but you dropped by before I could. Do try it Its really easy just depends on the potatoes regarding the crispiness

bee said...

da booze!!! where be the tequila? one shot in guac or salsa is a must.

Sagari said...

woww what a great idea using papaya arudathi

Jeena said...

Why is it everytime I click on your blog Arundathi that I feel I need a spoon on stand becuas eyour recipes are so tasty? :-D

Dragon said...

Well, doesn't this sound wonderful. I love the colour.

homecooked said...

This looks yummy! I am sure it tasted just as good!

Aparna said...

Papaya is a regular in our home and I seem to have missed this one at Meeta's.
Looks good and I'm going to try this out.

delhibelle said...

What a fab find A!

Arundathi said...

Sunshinemom - oooh - you're missing out on something lovely if you haven't had mustard - do try it - delicious!

Indranee - Well, in Meeta's blog, she serves it with a lovely rice!

Shreya - Thanks.

Medhaa - Thanks so much for posting the took - was really waiting for it. I never did like papaya growing up but love it now.

Bee - :D next time!

Sagari - Yes, Meeta has some lovely ideas.

Jeena - LOL! Thanks!

Dragon - Yes, I loved that deep orange - lovely!

Homecooked - Yep - it sure did

Aparna - Do try it!

Delhibelle - Yes, definitely!

Meeta said...

tiny recipe but big on taste! so glad you liked it. thank you for trying it out!

Arundathi said...

thanks for the wonderful recipe, meeta.

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