Friday, May 9, 2008

Bites of Toast

This is great for small parties. You've got to eat it warm, out of the oven. The mozzarella melts and combines perfectly with the sauteed tomatoes. And the saltiness of the pesto brings it all together.

For the Toast
Cut the crusts off the bread. And then cut each piece of bread into 4 squares. Lightly toast the little squares.

For the Basil Walnut Pesto
1 cup Basil, chopped
1 clove Garlic, minced
1/8 cup Olive Oil
1/4 cup Parmesan. grated
1/4 cup Walnuts, crushed

Grind the garlic and walnuts together in a blender. Add the basil and parmesan and blend again. Pour the olive oil into the mixture while blending.

For the Tomatoes
Thinly slice the tomatoes. Saute on a preheated pan in a single layer. Turn over when slightly browned. Saute for 1-2 minutes.

This all sounds very complicated, but its really simple. The entire process took 20 minutes!

To arrange
Spread a little bit of pesto on each portion of bread. Top with a thin layer of mozzarella, and then a slice of tomato.

Toast for approximately 5 minutes or until the cheese just begins to melt.

These are delicious little bites of toast. And open to your imagination!

This is for Anupama's Sandwich Festival at Food-n-More. Can't wait for the round-up. Thanks for hosting!


Madhu said...

Little bites are very appatizing,very good entry. I liked pesto on a toast.

Ranjani said...

Yummm! That looks really good, would be a great hors'devours at a wine and cheese! Going to give a shot when I have company over:)

Ranjani said...

Can't you roast the tomatoes on in the oven too? just drizzle them with some olive oil and let them roast in a preheated oven for 10 mins?
I bet sun dried tomatoes would be great with this too!

Divya Vikram said...

cute appetizers..

Shubha Ravikoti said...

Hey arundathi... thats a nice one... i have posted a similar recipe in my blog...:) by name mini bites...:D

and u asked about the achari aloo.. well they not like pickles... they just have a mild flavour of the pickle in it..:)and it tastes yummy...:D

Arundathi said...

@ Madhu - thanks!

@ Ranjani - Yes, you could definitely use the oven to roast the tomatoes. And there are hundreds of variations, I'm sure. Its great to experiment with the flavors. Do let me know how they turned out.

@ Divya - Thanks!

@ Shubha - Thanks for the link - checked it out and they look delicious - like mini pizza bites!

Cham said...

Cute little appetizer, great for party

Srivalli said...

man..that looks yummy..this is what you are going to make next okay!..and if you keep on making sucg great looking dishes, your list will increase!..:DD

kamala said...

Wow this looks so yummy arundathi

vegeyum said...

I so need these now. So easy and tasty. I have some basil pesto in the fridge.

Rachel said...

The bites are lovely...with the pesto, cheese and looks way too tempting...

Bhawana said...

great Arundhati, such a small small sandwitchs looking very tasty :)).. I felt just a gram from the screen and eat... very nice.:)

Uma said...

mmm. those cute little bites look so delicious.

Madhu said...

The bites look very appetizing Arundathi. I'm really surprised to know that being in Chennai you make pesto, use mozarella cheese. I think India has changed a lot since 2003, when I left for USA after marriage. I think I will feel strange in Chennai, the place I spent 23 years, if we ever decide to move back there.

Raaga said...

hey... looks very beautiful... I even have pesto ready... but tell me... why did you call it spinach pesto... looks more like basil pesto to me... unless I'm missing something.

Arundathi said...

@ Cham - thanks - yes perfect as appetizers!

@ Valli - lol! definitely not a problem! :)

@ Kamala - thanks!

@ Vegeyum - if you have the pesto, the rest is easy! :) thanks!

@ Rachel - thank you! it was great!

@ Bhawana - thank you!

@ Uma - thanks!

@ Madhu - Hmm...I'm not sure how much its changed since 2003, I left in 1997 and it is definitely very different 10 years later. But you do get most things in Chennai now.

@ Raaga - Yo Celebrity Girlfriend! :) oops, thanks for pointing that out - i meant to make spinach pesto and had written it down as such, but found the basil instead. Do try it!

Siri said...

the appetizers looks yummy ..:D


Jamie said...

Arundathi, these look so appetizing. These would be perfect for a party or family get-together. Thanks for the recipe!

Arundathi said...

thanks siri and jamie! :) yes, jamie, they're perfect for small parties!

Bhavani said...

looks too yummy. i dont like tomatoes except totally cooked but just looking at your photos, i am going to try it.

Arundathi said...

hey B - you can cook them however much you want. i thought these were pretty done - or you could leave out fresh tomatoes and use sundried tomatoes instead!

Roma said...

This is a good starter and so easy to make. For a party we can have lots of them ready in no time!